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Case Studies

Case Study #1 - Ad Words Campaign Launch - HealthCare Sector

Client A from the Health Care Sector needed a strategy to generate more phone call leads for their 3 locations.

Their Problem

They had virtually no online presence and no experience with online marketing.

Website Build

Over the course of 10 weeks we were able to build the following website, designed to be simple, appealing and drive conversions –
The website is SEO optimized 

PPC Results:

The PPC campaign launched on the 20th of the month, with an initial budget of $500/month to be able to learn the market. In the first 30 days we were able to drive over 320 clicks with an average cost per click less than $1. All together we drove 44 new callers to the clients locations

PPC Highlights

✓ 44 Phone calls in the first 30 days
✓ 51 New leads from all lead intake areas of the website
✓ Under $1 CPC and Under $12 cost per lead
✓ 321 New users driven to the site

✓ 12.15% Conversion Rate
✓ 59s Average time on site
✓ 2.6 Page views per user

Case Study #2 - SEO and AdWords Takeover: Health Care Sector

Client B is a local organization that operates solely within Sydney in the health-care and real estate sectors. They had a campaign managed with a large national marketing agency to drive leads for their real estate properties.

Their Problem

Client B felt their campaign was underperforming and began looking for a new marketing partner with the goal of lowering their Cost Per Conversion and generating more leads.

We saw a way for them to get more out of their current spend as well. By optimizing their existing spends and helping to explore their avenues of advertising more thoroughly, we were able to create a plan to significantly increase the website clicks and users while only modestly increasing the ads budget.

PPC Results

Within the first month of taking over the account, we were able to drive down the cost per click.
You can see in the highlighted columns below we increased conversions by over 25%, while only increasing the overall spend 8%

PPC Highlights:

✓ 13.68% Decrease in Cost per Conversion
✓ 25.17% Increase in Conversions
✓ 122.50% in Conversion Rate
✓ 8.05% Increase in Budget

SEO Results:

Over a 3 month period of taking over the account and with the same investment level we saw; Increased Conversions, More New Active Users, More Returning Users, and More Traffic to Key Website Pages.

SEO Highlights:

✕ No increase in Monthly Spend
✓ 39.7% increase in Active Users
✓ 39.2% increase in new uses
✓ 41.16% increase in overall conversions
✓ 36.51% increase in contact us conversion

✓ 44.19% increase in phone conversion
✓ 46% increase in email conversion
✓ 171.44% increase in Home Page views
✓ 38.42% increase in Vacancies Page Views
✓ Returning users up by 32.2%

Case Study #3 - Ad Words Campaign Launch - HealthCare Sector

Client C came to us to assist with building their Shopify website, optimising their SEO and Google Ads ROI.

They had virtually no online presence and no experience with online marketing.

PPC Results:

Over a 6 month period, we grew Organic traffic by 80%,  revenue up 75%  vs. previous period, and CPC traffic by 33% whilst increasing revenue by 74% vs the previous period – whilst reducing their cost-per-click by 23%.

Case Study 3
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